Australian Fishing Travel – Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge

The Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge offers a standout amongst the most astounding remote game angling enterprises accessible anyplace on the planet and keeps on drawing in rehash visitors quite a long time.


The marvels of Arnhem Land in Australia’s far north give world-class angling to Barramundi and in excess of 30 other electrifying game and reef angling species. Cooking basically for those looking for a mind blowing angling knowledge, the cabin likewise offers astounding feathered creature viewing and recognition of a portion of the nations best native culture.


The Location


Arranged on the far north bank of Australia’s Northern Territory, Arnhem Land is the biggest and most remote Aboriginal land hold in the nation. The Lodge is situated on the drift close to the Maningrida Aboriginal people group, roughly 400 kilometers (a hour via air) toward the north east of Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory.


Arnhem Land was pronounced in the 1930’s as basic Aboriginal freehold arrive, an interesting title in its frame. In the 1950’s the settlement of Maningrida was built up at the mouth of the Liverpool River streaming into the Arafura Sea on Australia’s far north drift. Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge is situated on a private ledge only a short ways from Maningrida.




Albeit open by street, occasional flooding limits this alternative as it consistently makes obstructed street conditions. Visitors are as a rule flown in and out on planned flights by means of the local aircraft, Airnorth. A private airstrip is accessible for the individuals who contract a private plane.


The Local Environment


The scene ranges from rough sandstone level and ledge toward the south, down the catchment through to delicately undulated swamp fields to huge floodplains and beach front territory.


Essentially perpetual open Eucalyptus woods are the predominant vegetation of the locale including right around 40% of the region.


Around the estuarine regions of Maningrida are somewhere in the range of 34 Mangrove species, for the most part happening as a periphery quickly neighboring the Liverpool River framework.


The Climate


The Lodge is situated in the occasional tropics and has an unmistakable wet and dry season. Ordinarily of tropical condition, the mid year season is wet with all rain falling amongst December and April.


The dry season amongst June and September is outstanding for its total absence of rain. The between long stretches of October and November are known as times of temperature and mugginess change as the rainstorm troughs begin in from the south.


The Fishing


While the scandalous Barramundi is the best known about the northern Australian game fish, there are innumerable different species on offer in the area. Hard-battling species prone to strike your lines incorporate Barracuda, Blue Salmon, Cobia, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally (GT’s), Longtail Tuna, Mangrove Jack, Queenfish, Red Emperor, Snapper, Saratoga, Spanish Mackeral and Threadfin Salmon.


A plenty of substitute reef fish can likewise found on the seaward reefs. A few animal varieties, including the renowned Black Jewfish and Golden Snapper can be gotten around the estuary rockbars like situations in which Barramundi are found. Trolled and jigged draws are greatly successful and also live and new goads.


The Fishing Gear


The Lodge gives an extensive variety of value handle and hardware for visitors including Shimano design for Barramundi and seaward reef angling.


Shimano Curado or Chronarch reels are mated to Shimano Barra Raider of Barra Raider Magnum bars. In a few examples Shimano T Curve Tournament poles are additionally utilized. Reels are spooled with trustworthy brands, for example, Platil Millenium, Fins PRT or Platypus interlaced Lines.


Quality Shimano hardware is additionally utilized for seaward angling including Stradi and overhead tgekota reels coordinated to a scope of Shimano bars. Ordinarily the reels are stacked with 15-20kg plaited lines. Also, an assortment of privately demonstrated draws are given. All handle and hardware is given to visitors on a “supplant if lost or harmed premise.”


No Tackle is given yet the accompanying proposed handle list is well worth considering before you pack your rigging:


For Barramundi:


Bars : 1.8m (6 foot )Medium Heavy/Heavy activity Graphite suit 6 – 10kg line, for example, Shimano Barra Raider, Shimano Tcurve Tournament.


Reels : Baitcaster reel ie; Shimano Chronarch, Calcutta or Curado 200 or 300 size or comparative


Line : Good Quality Braid/Gelspun Line 10 – 15kg (20-30lb) is perfect, Platil Millenium or FINS are demonstrated brands


Pioneer : 20-30kg (40 – 70lb), 1 – 1.5m Wind on Monofilament or Flurocarbon.


Draws : Saltwater Grade baits ie Bomber Long A, Classic Barra 10 and 15+, Classic F18 Manta Ray, Rapala X Rap and Magnum, Killalure Barra Bait and Flatz Rat, Manns Stretch 12+, Halco Scorpions, Storm Minnows, Reidy’s Goulbourn Jack, Nilsmaster Spearhead, Rebel Poppers and Bill’s Bug Fizzers. Delicate Plastic Shads 75 – 100mm and plastic prawns are likewise viable. Draws in the 70 – 150mm territory are about right. Note: Heavy Duty snares and split rings ought to be fitted to all baits.


Seaward (Blue-water) – Pelagic Fish:


Bars : 1.9 – 2.1m (7 foot) Fast activity Medium Heavy/Heavy activity Graphite suit 8-15kg line


Reels : Threadline reel ie Shimano Stella, Stradic or comparative 4000 to 6000 size on the other hand Shimano Calcutta 400 or 700 or Trinidad or Tekota overhead reels


Line : Good Quality Braid/Gelspun Line 10 – 15kg (20-30lb) is perfect. Platil Millenium and Fins PRT are demonstrated brands


Pioneer : 20 – 30kg (40 – 70lb) Monofilament additionally single strand wire follow for Mackerel


Baits : Saltwater Grade draws ie Bomber Long A, Rapala Magnum, Rapala Countdown, Mackerel Mauler, Classic Bluewater and Classic 160, Reidy’s Judge, Halco Rooster Poppers, Raider Jigs and chrome throwing slugs. Note: Heavy Duty snares and split rings ought to be fitted to all baits.


Delicate Plastic stick or jolt Shads 80 – 150mm (3.5 – 6″) and are likewise compelling. Bluewater trolling draws in the 100 – 200mm territory are about right. Likewise some throwing slugs are additionally helpful.


Fly Fishing:


Poles :9 or 10 wt equip for Barra or 10 – 12wt for blue-water – 4 piece for simplicity of transport


Reels : Quality salt water review aluminum circle drag reel that holds no less than 150 – 200m of 15kg sponsorship.


Lines : Floating WF, Intermediate WF and Hi-Density WF Sink tip lines will possess all the necessary qualities.


Flies : Clouser Minnow 1/0 – 3/0, Pink Things, Black and Barred 2/0 – 5/0, Surf Candy, Fat Boys 4/0 – 6/0, Deceivers and Bendbacks in addition to some popper flies in arranged sizes.


Great hues incorporate all white, Chartreuse over white, Gray over white and Fluro Yellow/White, Yellow/Red, Pink/White or all Black. Ensure that you join some blaze material into your flies too.


Pioneer : Anglers favored pioneer setup or standard IGFA design 8 – 10kg with a base stun/chomp tippet of 20kg. Wire is just essential in the event that you wish to target mackerel species.


The Boat Fishing


The Lodge has an armada of 8 water crafts at present for all guided angling visits. They are wonderfully fitted out with new Evinrude E-Tec Motors, collapsing shades, boarding stepping stools, VHF Marine radios, full wellbeing pack (counting life coats) and EPIRB finding reference points. Moreover; First Aid Kits, Rain Jackets and Satellite Phones are altogether given on each vessel.


For each guided visit a cooler finish with outing lunch and sodas is stuffed crisp with ice. Extensive allocators with new frosted water are renewed day by day on each pontoon.

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