How to Effectively Organize Your Outside Shed

Sheds are great for protecting your items from the outside elements, but sometimes they can get
cluttered and be a lot to deal with if not effectively organized. It can seem like an impossible
task. There are so many tools, holiday decorations, and little bits and baubles. How could you
possibly organize all of it? However, organization doesn’t have to be a time-consuming effort. It
doesn’t even have to be expensive.
Organizing your shed can really help you in the long run too. How many times have you been
asked to pull out last year’s Christmas decorations only to not be able to find them? You may
have spent an hour looking for them in your shed and then remembered that they weren’t even in
your shed to start with. They were in the attic all along.
Keep in mind that before you can organize your shed you need to have the right shed. Not all
sheds are created equal. Some people just need a small backyard shed while other need a
professional commercial grade shed to store their things.
An effective organization can spare you from these woes and also make sure your tools last
longer because they’ll always have a protected space to stay. Below, are some helpful
organization tips that’ll turn your shed into a perfectly organized space.
Evaluate Your Items
Realistically, not all of your items may fit in your shed, so it’s important to evaluate what things
you need to store in your shed and what things could find a home in your attic. Things that you
probably want to store in your shed first are power tools, paint, chemicals, hoses, and extension
If you have the room, things like decorations and random clutter could be consolidated into
plastic bins and stacked on one another to get them off the floor of your shed. You may even be
able to make shelves out of reclaimed wood to place the bins on if you’re looking for a cleaner
Consider the Items You Use the Most
Because you’ll be using some items more frequently, your efficiency needs to have them close
by. Keep items that you often use out in the open and easily accessible so you won’t spend a
bunch of time searching for them in storage bins. Things like garden tools that are more resilient
against the weather can be stored right next to the door or even on the outside of your shed on a
homemade rack for better accessibility.

Evaluate Your Shed
You may be thinking there’s no way your shed can store all of the things you need it to. But if
you take the time to evaluate how much room you have, you’ll see you can fit more than you
think while still keeping things organized.
You must view every surface as a space that something could be. Sure, there’s space on the floor,
but you also have to think about vertical space in the air. It’ll take some creativity, but it will be
well worth it in the end. Walls, in particular, are great places to hold shelves or tool racks to get
your things off the floor. Also, you could invest in a pegboard and place it on one of your walls
to effectively store dozens of tools. You may even be able to create a little attic in your shed by
placing some plywood on your shed’s cross beams. The possibilities are endless!
If you take into account all of these steps, you’ll be organized in no time. You’ll be patting
yourself on the back with all of the time you save too!

david jone