Programmatic marketing platforms are useful tools of media buying

Marketers use programmatic platforms for effective promotion of their brands. Read about
the meaning of programmatic advertising and its application in the marketing strategy
Programmatic marketing is a new effective way to target the audience interested in your product or service.
For the application of the technology, it is necessary to use programmatic media buying platforms, for
example, Programmatic should be a part of every marketing strategy both for advanced marketers
and for the beginners.
The essence of programmatic technology
Programmatic is a special technology, which works on the basis of algorithms. They allow automating the
processes connected with selling and buying of advert space. Such an approach is advantageous for advertisers
and publishers because it is possible to sell the inventory (including the remnant one) at a good price and to buy
the space, where your target audience will see your ad.
For advertisers, programmatic marketing gives access to a large number of targeting options, which include:
• demographic features
• gender
• age
• country of residence
• browsing behavior
• education
• interests
• social status, etc.
There are many other additional options, which allow achieving better results. For instance, it is possible to
choose the time of the day when it is necessary to show the advert. The frequency of displays is adjustable as
well. As a result, the advertising will be shown on a corresponding site only to the users, who comply with the
targeting and other settings.
Programmatic marketing platforms and their application
There exist 2 main types of programmatic:
• programmatic direct
• RTB.
Programmatic direct is not completely automated. People still need to negotiate on prices and other
conditions. The delivery of advert is automated, so it allows saving much time.
RTB is a more popular way of advert purchasing. There are auctions, which are organized on the basis of
advert exchanges. Publishers can create offers with their inventory available on various resources including sites,
social media, etc. Advertisers looking for the appropriate space can make bids, while the computerized system of
an advert exchange selects the winner with the highest bid. As the whole process is automated, it takes a few
seconds. After this, the advert will be displayed on the publisher’s site in accordance with the parameters required
for the advertiser. Everything happens in real time. Besides, it is possible to monitor the results of any advert
campaign. Thus, you can stop paying for an ineffective advert. As a result, you can avoid money losses, which
often happen in the case of traditional ad buying.
It is also important to know that RTB works not only with advert exchanges. There are two platforms
created for advertisers and publishers:
• demand-side
• supply-side.
They provide comfortable control over the adverts and advert space. Advertisers can also optimize their
content in accordance with the reports and analysis.
Programmatic strategy
Like any other type of marketing, programmatic requires a strategy. This part of the work demands the
involvement of specialists. There are several issues to consider when you start working with PM:
• audience (it is better to choose narrow segments at the beginning; it especially concerns those, who just
start their business, keep widening it gradually)
• inventory (programmatic works with various advert types and channels. Depending on your requirements
and target audience, you can select mobile, video, display, TV adverts, etc.)
• ad (as all the versions of programmatic adverts are visual, it is important to create something appealing
and unique)
• decision-making (consider the previous steps and decide, which methods work best for you. It is advisable
to try different adverts)

• feedback (it is vital to always analyze the results of any advert campaign in order to understand its
productivity and make forecasts concerning future analysis).
Programmatic approach and its benefits
Compared to many other types of marketing, programmatic possesses lots of advantages for publishers and
advertisers. Consider the most essential ones:
• transparency of pricing
• low risks of fraud
• low investments (and high ROIs)
• better analysis of the results of an ad campaign
• minimal human involvement.
Programmatic advertising is a wonderful way to save your time and promote your business on an advanced