RTB networks as a direction of programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is an integral part of any advertising strategy. RTB networks are a
comfortable way to find good inventory to reach the audience. Read more about RTB and its benefits
RTB advertising networks are special platforms, which were created as a variation of programmatic
marketing tools. They are aimed at making the process of buying and selling advert space easy and fast. Besides,
they give access to a wider audience providing advertisers with a large number of targeting options. Thus, the
platforms like Polus.media allow capturing a target audience on an advanced level.
The essence of RTB
RTB platforms work with real-time bidding system. The deals are made in a few seconds thanks to the
application of special software. The latest is based on the computerized algorithms, which are able to make almost
the whole process of buying automated. Such a method of ad buying presupposes the involvement of several
• supply-side platform (it is used by publishers for the management of their inventory)
• demand-side platform (it is used by the advertiser for the control, optimization, analysis, and management
of their adverts)
• advert networks (special platforms, which work with the definite sites offering the advert space on them)
• advert exchange (a larger platform, which has access to several ad networks).
On the basis of advert platforms, online auctions are organized. Publishers can create offers with definite ad
space. Advertisers see the offers and make bids. The offers are sorted in accordance with the definite parameters.
Advertisers use filters in order to find only the offers, which correspond to their requirements. The best bid is
selected automatically. Then the advertiser’s advert is displayed on the publisher’s site and the commission is
charged. Everything happens instantly and does not require human involvement.
Such an approach to media buying becomes more and more popular every year. In general, programmatic
marketing takes the biggest percentage of marketers’ budgets.
It is vital not to confuse RTB with programmatic advertising. RTB is just a part of this approach. Remember
that programmatic marketing does not necessarily work with real-time bidding and auctions. Its key feature is
The advantages of RTB
Compared to the traditional way of ad buying, RTB is characterized by higher effectiveness and speed. There
is no need to spend lots of time and money for the organization of negotiations, requests for proposals, ordering,
etc. In the past, marketers had to negotiate and work with dozens of networks for the placement of their adverts.
There were plenty of stages to pass through before the advert was displayed to the users. Besides, there were
many complications concerning targeting.
As for the other benefits of RTB system, they are as follows:
• efficiency (advertisers get immediate access to a wide range of advert inventory, they can easily find an
appropriate offer without long negotiations and search)
• low risks of losses (you can easily find the audience you are looking for and not spend your time on
sites/people, who are not a part of your target audience)
• lower investments (such an approach requires not too much money, so it can be easily used by the
beginners of the marketing sphere)
• high ROIs (such a system is very cost-effective, which means you will have almost 100% return on your
• low risks of fraud (it is connected with the fact that the system is computerized; besides, the technology is
able to detect fraudulent patterns).
Another thing is that you pay less buying one impression instead of buying a pack of them. One more
important thing is that the application of real-time bidding and the usage of special platforms do not require
specific skills. Everything is simple and understandable. RTB is advantageous for both advertisers and publishers
because it allows selling even the remnant inventory at a reasonable price. Advertisers can also find beneficial
offers and buy high-quality ad space at a lower cost. Moreover, targeting settings are impressive. They allow
targeting people on the basis of their education, gender, age, location, interests, browsing behavior, etc. The
information about the users is collected by means of cookies.
RTB platforms also offer advanced reporting systems, which provide the opportunity to monitor the results
of any advert campaign in real time. It is also possible to start more than one campaign at a time.
How to successfully work with RTB?
To get the maximum revenue from RTB, it is vital to know your audience. Select the segment (better to
choose a narrow one) you want to target. Besides, the message to a target audience must be clear and effective.
Remember that you still need to have experienced staff to build a good marketing strategy and analyze the results

of every campaign. On the basis of them, it is necessary to optimize the adverts making them more appealing to
the users.