The Best Way to Create Instagram Content

If you want to be taken seriously on Instagram, your feed needs to be at its best. Use these top 10 tips
on creating a content plan for Instagram to guide you!
Content Planning for Instagram
Instagram is one of the hottest photo-sharing platforms out there. This is because of Instagram:
● The interface is very easy to use and anyone can upload
● Allows for convenient in-app photo editing
● Can connect to Facebook and contacts so you can add people you know
● Allows uploads to go through very fast
● Is free to use, and makes promoting your profile very affordable
Here is a detailed list of things you should focus on when creating new content for Instagram!

  1. Find Your Niche
    You need to know what you like and what your followers want to see. Choose topics you wish to post about. Is your
    account about travel, lifestyle, fitness, or fashion? Find your niche!
  2. Content
    Next comes content. After finding your niche, create content that ties in with it. Also, search for trending topics by
    visiting other famous Instagram pages. For example, if Valentine’s Day is around the corner, post about it. This is a great
    way to engage with the current trend and attract followers. Your content should be fun and relevant to current trends
    and your niche.
  3. Theme
    Following a theme is great because it helps tie all your posts together. Choose one and stick to it. For example, if you
    choose the theme “white,” use pictures that maintain this element.
  4. Hashtags
    Find hashtags that are trending right now. To do this, visit the Browse page. It will automatically suggest tags for you to
    explore and choose. Hashtags help you gain new followers and share your content, so make sure you use relevant ones.
  5. Take Better Pictures
    To improve your photography skills, watch tutorials on YouTube, and read up on photography. Remember, better pictures
    get more likes! You need to curate your content with what your followers would like to see, and everyone loves a well-
    taken picture.
  6. Posting Schedule
    Decide on a strict schedule for posting, so followers know when to expect new content. Also, discover timings when your
    followers are most active for maximum engagement. You can do this by checking Insights on Instagram.
  7. Captions
    Whether you’re writing a long, self-written paragraph, or borrowing a one-liner from a song, your caption must be
    relevant to the image! Deciding your captions in advance will help you boost post quality. Don’t forget to include
    hashtags, too!
  8. Select Brands to Promote
    If you are an influencer looking to make money off your profile, first find a brand to sponsor you. When this happens,
    tailor your content to focus on the brand. Use hashtags, engaging captions, and edit your pictures to make the post-pop!
  9. Advertisement
    Your content plan should include an advertisement schedule if you are willing to invest in it. Instagram advertisements
    are affordable and start at below 1USD, depending on where you live.
  10. Creating Content for Followers
    You should know what your followers want to see and tailor your content accordingly! See which posts do best in terms of
    engagement and post similar things in the future to maintain your profile.